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Getting ready to commission string I of “Mubarek – Zirabulak” gas pipeline

EDC completed installation and welding works to repair damaged sections of “Mubarek – Zirabulak” (“BGBA-TBA”) gas pipeline (50th–78th km, string I). Pneumatic testing of the string is in progress using three mobile nitrogen units.

At the same time, modernization and reconstruction of numerous main gas pipeline sections is underway, including construction of “Akhangaran – Pungan” pipeline looping (25 km) and branch line from the 338th km to “Yangiyer CS – Shirin GDS” (4.7 km), and repairs of “Mubarek – Zirabulak” (strings II and III), “DBST”, “Kelif – Mubarek” and “BGBA-TBA-A” main pipeline sections (25.8 km).

All works fully comply with relevant sanitary-epidemiological and environmental requirements.

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