Information about the company

Information about the company

Foreign Enterprise “«Epsilon Development Company»” LLC is a subsidiary company of Epsilon Development Company LLC (USA). The main activities of the company are:
  • Prospecting, exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons and flare gas and oil
  • Construction of industrial facilities
  • Construction of transport communications

One of the missions of our company in Uzbekistan is to develop and progress new and sustainable energy projects, which will serve as a catalyst for socio-economic development at both regional and national levels.

For the implementation of projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan, a Consortium of Investors has been established with the following companies:

«Epsilon Development Company» LLC (USA) и «Epsilon Asia Limited» (Hong Kong). In the framework of joint activities, the Foreign Enterprise “Epsilon Development Company” LLC has already commenced large-scale exploration within the Kultak-Kamashi, Mubarak, Surkhan, Ashibulak, Koskudyk and West Fergana investment blocks.

Phased exploration works with seismic surveys, drilling, prospecting and exploration wells, development of identified hydrocarbon deposits are envisaged. At the end of exploration and reserves approval, a field development program will be prepared for each field, and the best option for their development will be selected. Then a decision on the feasibility of building a gas processing plant will be made.

To ensure the preparation and processing of extracted volumes of oil, gas condensate and gas (cleaning, drying and extracting liquid hydrocarbons), construction and reconstruction of a number of field facilities are planned: collection points, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, condensate lines, booster compressor stations, group metering units, oil treatment units, oil loading racks.